Online Bill Pay

Bill Pay powered by CheckFree!

Customize your bill pay experience:

  • Set-up E-mail Alerts within CheckFree to notify you of due dates, when payments will be posted, sent, etc.
  • Create payee groups to simplify the payment process. Setup a Utilities group, House Group, Credit Cards etc.
  • Simplify your life by setting up recurring payments.  An email notification will be sent when payment date adjustments are needed for holidays, in plenty of time for you to transfer funds if needed.  
  • Go Green with eBills, and make a difference by turn off paper, it not only reduces your carbon footprint, but limits your risk of identity theft by securely sending eBills to your account, and electronic payments from your account whenever possible. Its easy to setup, if your payee participates it will show "eBill" next to the payee, simply click it to enter minimal information (usually the last four of your SS# and zip code), and the system directly connects to eligible payees.


Bill Payments will be sent regardless of the funds available in your account.

Funds must be available by your selected due date, to avoid an insufficient funds fee.


CheckFree determines how payments will be made using their propriety risk analytics engine. Most payments will go electronic, however, CheckFree may send payments by check (draft or corporate) at any time, even if a payee accepts electronic payments. Please allow sufficient time when making payments should a check be mailed. 

  1. Electronic payments: Funds will be withdrawn on the same day the payee is paid, on the due date you select. Funds must be available in your account to avoid an insufficient funds fee and the reclamation of the payment from your payee. 
  2. Check payments: Payments sent by check will either be sent by corporate check or draft check, four business days prior to the due date you select. We strongly suggest allowing five business days to make sure your payment arrives on time. Draft checks are written on your account and will clear your account just like any check you write from your own checkbook, when its cashed by the payee. Corporate checks are drawn on CheckFree's account, and the funds will be withdrawn from your account on the due date you select. Funds must be available in your account until the check clears it, to avoid an insufficient funds fee, or the return of the check to your payee.
  3. Payment Address and Payee Names: CheckFree automatically updates payee names and address when they are aware of mergers, name changes, or payment address changes. For example, the closest lock-box to their printing facility may be used for corporate or draft checks, or an electronic payment address may be shown. If you are unsure of the proper payment address for online bill payment, call your payee before adjusting the address in Online Banking. 
  4. CheckFree uses a dynamic calendar within bill pay.  When you select the dynamic calendar popup, it will display the earliest available dates a payment can be made, taking into account holidays, weekends, payee processing deadlines & capabilities.  Typically, if the dynamic calendar show a payment availability date within two days, it will be sent electronically. 

CheckFree FAQ:

What is an online billing and payment service?

With an online billing and payment service, you can receive, view, and pay your online bills from one personalized, secure Web site.

What is an eBill?

An eBill, or electronic bill, is like the paper statement you receive each month now in an electronic format for viewing online. You can see all of the same detail in an eBill that you can in a paper statement, and more. 

How is the Payment type determined? Draft Check vs. Electronic Check?

The way CheckFree determines the payment depends on the payee, the subscriber's payment history, recent activity and the amount of the payment.

How will I know if a draft check was issued on my account?

Typically, if the payment is not debited from your account on the due date, a draft check has been issued and will clear your account when the payee cashes the check. Funds need to remain in the account until the check clears to avoid an insufficient funds fee.


How quickly will my bills be paid?

Eligible payees may have the option to pay today for a fee. Otherwise, ePayments begin processing two (2) business days prior to your schedule payment date, so you'll need to schedule payments a few days prior to the due date. Payments that must go by check begin processing four (4) business days prior to your payment date, but we strongly suggest allowing at least (5) business days for important payments to process through the mail system.  The delivery time indicated next to each biller is a guideline as to the number of business days (excluding weekends and holidays) we estimate it will take for a biller to receive a payment. 

**** During the pandemic, the United States Postal Service is experiencing constraints delivering mail to customer and businesses in a timely manner, please allow extra time for your payment to reach your biller. 


When is the money withdrawn from my account?

On the due date you selected, or in the case of a draft check being issues, when the payee cashes the check and it clears your account.