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Small Business Checking

Colonial Federal's Small Business Checking account is designed to help you stay on top of your finances. We will give personal attention to your banking needs, providing you with Online Banking, Bill Payment, a Debit MasterCard and Telephone Banking.

  • $500 minimum balance
  • Earnings credit to reduce monthly fees
  • Night deposit service
  • Free POS debit transactions using your Debit MasterCard. International transactions are subject to a 3% service assessment on the U.S. dollar amount.
  • Debit MasterCard with your company name are available to any authorized signer on your account. 
Please contact us for a complete account disclosure.

    Small Business Risk Management Resources

    The following links to articles, publications and tips from various non-profit, government and third party agencies have been included to help small business owners manage change, safeguard their business, and plan for the future.

    Cyber-security Tips for Small Businesses 

    • Train employees in security policies (strong passwords of at least 12 characters long, Internet use, customer data)
    • Maintain a separate computer for online banking and payroll, minimizing
    • Back-up important business information and data 
    • Protect all computers and networks
    • Secure your WiFi connections
    • Purchase Cyber Insurance for your business

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