Lost/Stolen Cards

What do I need to do?

  1. Report Lost or Stolen cards to us immediately: Call the Bank at 617-471-0750 during banking hours, or the Lost/Stolen Card Call Center at 1-833-462-0798, open 24x7.
  2. Review your account history on the App, or by using Online Banking, Telephone Banking or by visiting any branch.
  3. Report any suspicious transactions to us immediately by calling 617-471-0750.
  4. Replace your cancelled card by using our secure Debit Card Application request form.

Fraud Prevention Services

Colonial Federal has made an investment in your account safety with an enhanced neural fraud detection network.  You will be alerted to potential fraud as the transaction are initiated giving you the option to accept or deny them:
  • Text Alerts, reply immediately with YES to allow the transaction to proceed, or NO to deny the transaction.  (8am to 9pm, based on the phone number's area code)
  • Email Alerts (24x7)
  • Automated call, with the option to speak to a representative. (8am to 9pm, based on the phone number's area code)
Card Valet services are available with our Mobile App, allowing you to control transactions, alerts, and turn your card on/off.

To assist the efforts of our fraud prevention service and ensure that transactions you authorize are approved:

  • Review your contact information with the bank. If updated information is required, a form is available for you to complete.
  • Let us know when and where you will be traveling internationally. If “Fraud Prevention Services” is unable to contact you, and we are unaware of your travel plans, a temporary block may be placed on your card to protect your account.