Mobile Card Services

Card Valet puts you in control of your Debit MasterCard anytime, anywhere.

Manage and monitor your card account in our App, and help prevent fraud. When you enable Region or International Restrictions, any transaction outside the radius you select will be denied, preventing unauthorized transactions from settling to your account:

  • Turn your Card ON or OFF easily, you can swipe between all the cards associated with your accounts to select the card that needs disabled.
  • A temporary limit increase may be set up to 30 days in advance ($1,500 maximum for 2 days)
  • Manage spending limits and types of transactions such as in-store or online purchases
  • Monitor your account conveniently and securely
  • Protect against ATM fraud by disabling/enabling transactions when needed
  • Disable/Enable your card in between purchases
Alerts on transactions with a high score of possible fraud will be sent by Text Message in real-time, if you provided us with your mobile phone number.  Otherwise you will receive an email or a call from the automated fraud system.  Texts and calls will only be placed between 8am and 9pm, emails are sent 24x7x365. 

The following screenshots are from our Mobile App showing Card Valet options: 
        Screenshot showing how to add notificationsscreenshot on setting card limitsScreenshot to show how to set region limitsscreenshot to show how to report a lost or stolen card